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• 10/13/2014

Proposed site policies

Some general site policies that I think should be considered:

Strict, and I mean strict, enforcement of only using public domain images. That means either from Wikimedia commons or images produced by ourselves. No illegal copywrited images from websites.
No, and I mean no, bashing, flaming or trolling. This is a wiki, an encyclopedia, so we stick to Wikipedia's neutral point of view policy.
No advertising at all.
Videos and images must be of high quality.
Anything else?
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• 9/17/2013

Where do we go from here?

Opening this to start a discussion about just what kind of info we want to include on this wiki. At the very least I'm thinking:

Links to parts, owners and service manuals
PM schedules
Detailed specifications
List of attachments and options (OEM and aftermarket)
A resource section for training materials/tutorials
What else should we cover?
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